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Giving Care to Ouagadougou’s Poorest

Action Mama Africa is an NGO that provides help to the poorest communities in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Based in the AMA Center, this cause provides a refuge for children of the streets, as well as a nursery for young miner mothers, sheltering their babies from the quarry’s toxic fumes.

Why We Do It

The current social situation in Burkina Faso is very different from familiar western life. Children are bought-off from poor families in the Bush and forced to beg in the capital, often beaten.
We believe everyone should get a chance to live life decently, and that children must have the freedom to play, to laugh and to learn.

Our Story

Action Mama Africa was started in 2016 by Valerie Dupont. After covering many of Africa’s obscure and lost condlicts as a grand reporter, she decided to help those the most in need, the children living on the streets in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso.

Our Team

Valerie Dupont, President

Valerie is the founder and president of Action Mama Africa. She plans and oversees the execution of the organization’s missions.

Boniface Sama, Mission Chief

Boniface heads the mission in Ouagadougou. Based in the AMA Center, he spends time with the children, ensuring their well being and the good functioning of daily operations.

Humphrey Dupont, System Administrator

Humphrey handles all the IT-related activity AMA takes on.