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What we do

Action Mama Africa is a charity operating in Ouagadougou that seeks to accompany the poorest of Ouagadougou back into society. It operates from the AMA Children Center where more than 100 homeless children come to enjoy the luxury of a meal, a shower, and a few relaxing hours. In addition, the AMA Nursery takes in more than 50 newborn babies while the young mothers help salvage the local abandoned quarry, as ways of finding income in the area are scarce.

A few of the best behaving, most promising of the children, can sleep overnight and are being assisted with entering the public school system again.


Where we are headed

We are running for the long term the AMA Children Center to provide basic assistance to willing homeless children
We are running the AMA Nursery to provide relief to young working mothers.
We are currently designing more projects to best help the situation